Programmes & Packages

Because one size does not fit all and because you are unique, all of my programmes are bespoke and tailored to fit you and your needs. 

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The Benefits For You

I only use balanced nutrition plans with all food groups included. I use low glycaemic principles to balance your blood sugar. There is no hunger, no cravings and no deprivation allowed.

We create a system that is perfectly engineered to fit in and around your lifestyle. I provide regular food diary reviews, and great recipes are included. I will be with you every step of the way.

I Include powerful coaching  goal setting, visioning and healthy affirmations. I even help you conquer emotional eating as it's not all down to willpower.

Together we will break through your limiting beliefs and keep you moving forward. This will all be held in the framework of The Seven Systems of Health.

Delivered either face to face, online via skype or as group coaching. You also get additional support via email, Whatsapp or texts between our sessions.



Unlock Your Potential With Good Nutrition

With regards to your overall health, you need to know that you’re not at the mercy of your genetic makeup and you don’t have to depend on prescription drugs for everything.Good nutrition is powerful medicine.

Inspirational Health Coaching & Motivation

They say “knowledge is power”, but knowledge is not enough. Many people need accountability and guidance. They need someone who genuinely cares about them and understands how they feel. 

The Seven Systems of Health & Transformation

This work helps me to look at you as a WHOLE person. I don't just look at what is going on in your body or what foods you are eating but rather to look at the whole you as a multi faceted human being made up of 7 Aspects.

Programmes & Packages

Each programme is Bespoke and Tailored to your unique needs. Ten weeks is often needed to see a great change in your health and weight.

Gold Start Now

You are a go-getter and can dedicate the time needed to all the tools and materials provided. You want to stay focused on your priorities and need some accountability along the way. You want to lose weight, and get your life back on track.

Premium Self Care

This is for you if you put everyone else's needs before your own. You might have some health concerns and repeatedly lost and re-gained weight in the past. This is for you if you want to take back control of your weight and your health.

Platinum High Care

This programme is the ultimate Total Health Makeover. This is designed for the woman who really struggles with emotional eating and to give priority to her health. Having frequent contact time and support is what will make the difference here.

What's Included


Start Now


Initial Health Assessement

Kickstarter Workshop

Nutrition Success Formula

Personalized Health Planner

Weekly Food Diary Review

Regular Progress Tracking

Two Systems of Health



Self Care


Everything in Gold +

Nutritional Assessement 

Weekly Coaching Calls

Weekly Food Diary Review

Full Email Support

Tailored Supplement Plan

Four Systems of Health



High Care


Everything in Gold & Premium +

Total Health Makeover

Direct Contact With Me

Your Own Client Portal

Daily Email Support

Journey to The Whole Self

Seven Systems of Health


"Before working with Alison life was good, but I needed nutritional advice to meet the demands of a strenuous training program and this within a vegetarian diet. The informative and coaching motivation from Ali was invaluable. I have lost a bit of weight, but didn't have much to lose, surprisingly I lost centimeters too. More importantly I am making informed eating choices now, always considering blood sugar balance. I am feeling more energized and calmer. DON'T hesitate, I cannot recommend Alison enough. A BRILLIANT informed coach who motivates and encourages. My recommendation to anyone would be not to wait to sign up. Ali is informative, friendly, motivational, committed, invaluable. "

Debbie H
Business Owner

"Before I began this programme it was rather a case of whatever went got eaten! I loved the support and inspiration and now I'm more aware of the value of feeding my body as opposed to devouring anything to get satisfied. Its an excellent lifestyle and teaches you the value of food. I enjoyed the motivation with Alison's expert knowledge. She is positive and driven in this plan and knows what she is promoting. She lives by it, and is a great example! "

Paula L
Business Owner

"Before working with Alison I used to wake up and think 'what am I going to eat that wont make me fat today'. I am much more aware of what I put in my mouth and also of the effect it has on my body. I read labels all the time now. I was concerned before I joined as I thought "how is this going to be any different to what I have already tried.' All I can say is go for it! It really is different and will change the way you look at food positively! Alison was amazing, she knows what you are going through and how hard it is. She gives such helpful advice and really has your best interest at heart! "

Shona M
Home Operations Manager

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Why your cravings are not your fault and how you can put an end to binge eating.

How you can finally have the body and confidence you want - without starving yourself.

How to boost your energy and balance your mood so you can be more

peaceful, powerful, productive and vibrant!

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