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Learn why the way you have been eating maybe sabotaging your weight loss efforts.

My name is Alison Jones and my friends call me Ali.

I do not entertain fad diets-everything is based on sound nutrition science. I especially love to work with women who are struggling with their weight and self-confidence.

My clients eliminate symptoms such as headaches and digestive issues (constipation, gas/bloating); lose weight; break old habits, conquer cravings and ditch “emotional eating;” sleep better; balance their blood sugar, and reduce mood swings.

Since qualifying, I have seen hundreds of women face to face and fostered change in many of their lives. I have an absolute passion for helping women through difficult health and weight loss barriers.

Why Am I The Right Person To Help You

I am a specialist Personal Health Coach who is trained in Nutrition and Functional Medicine as well as coaching. I work with women who know deep down that they should be feeling better, eating better, who takes care of everyone else first but herself.

I particularly love working with women with body confidence, self-confidence, and I want every woman to have the gift of just feeling amazing in her own skin. I am also a working mum of two beautiful grown children, wife of an amazing husband and I know what it's like trying to balance it all. 

My speciality is in Clinical Nutrition, Functional Medicine and I am also a Certified Food and Spirit Practitioner which is a modality that blends ancient and modern knowledge.

 I am also a member of COMENSA (coaches and mentors of South Africa) and a founding member of The Health Coaches Association and my clinical nutrition training and functional medicine training is always at the cornerstone of everything that I do. I am also a fully qualified and trained Zest4life Health Coach and Mentor trained fully in group coaching and one on one.

By following my Food Freedom Blueprint based on eating real food, learning how to practice radical self-care you will gain optimum health and wellness.

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